I had such a great experience with Jamie! She was so meticulous in every aspect of doing my makeup so it would last, and look nothing short of perfect. She’s so personable and is open and willing to hear your thoughts through the entire process. I hate when people do my makeup as I’m so particular but I gave Jamie the reigns and she did not disappoint!
— Katie

Happy Clients


Jamie is absolutely fantastic! I went to high school with her, and when I was getting ready for my wedding I was struggling to find a makeup artist whom I could trust, and who wouldn't charge me the same price as what I was paying the caterer.  My sister helped connect me to Jamie and I am so glad that she did my makeup and my bridesmaid's makeup! She made me look like myself and she made me feel confident in my wedding dress. Jamie is extremely kind hearted and she puts a smile on your face.
The makeup quality was excellent for Jamie's price. My family and I had been through a lot so my wedding was full of joyful tears and I cried  A LOT and so did my sister who was my Maid of Honor. If you see my wedding pictures there are no signs of tear stains, running mascara, smudged foundation, etc. Her makeup stayed perfect for the whole night despite my sweat and tears . If you are in a bind and if you are having a hard time affording a makeup artist, I highly recommend that you use Makeup by Jamie. You will NOT regret it!

— Tori

Jamie did my makeup for my proposal and for my wedding. Love, love, love her! She does an amazing job and she's so easy to work with.

— Megan

I have never felt so beautiful or confident in myself as I did once Jamie worked her magic!! She was so sweet to talk to & I was so impressed when she was trying to find the right foundation to match my skin tone she actually mixed two shades together so it would be perfect instead of just settling for a shade that was “almost” my skin tone. She put so much care and precision into her work and it turned out phenomenal! I would definitely send brides her way for their wedding day make up!

- Kiarah